'Love your work and it will love you back '

My journey as a devoted, self marketing painter began in 1990 as I received my B.F.A from Parsons School of Design in New York City. My major was illustration though I have been passionate about and have pursued expression  primarily through Fine Art.

 As an artist I have the privilege of working without much restraint. Mostly I paint with a spontaneous and excited energy.  It has never been about control and I can easily allow the piece to move in several directions. It is a process of creating the story by which the work finds itself.

When describing my life as an artist, I am resolved to use words such as ; inspiration, love, passion and heart. These terms are vital to the creative process in which I live and work. I acknowledge the world, as a whole, can use a lot more love and heart in these times of technological infatuation and overall disconnected crisis.

Currently, I seek to find the time and space to pursue and flow with the inspiration that I experience. I currently co-own Inner Vision Yoga and spend a fair amount of time teaching and expanding into the boundless world of Yoga. The process and practice is synonymous to painting in countless ways in that one opens to allow the flow of energy, letting go of control, letting go of the judgmental analytical mind and awakening to the felt experience of being. All the while, feet are on the ground and heart receives and I get out of my own way.

As I continue to work with the textured paper I find it offers much to be unearthed as the story lies within the grain and implores disclosure. The rich texture means more abundant possibilities in altering the surface that is already, by its nature, visually enticing. The process is a matter of carving away the edges to expose the vision I am pursuing while keeping the texture in tact. Once the vision is in focus, the process continues to offer ample satisfaction and excitement.

I am also thrilled to continue to find a home for the visual and the narrative to meet. As well as painting on Canvas instead of paper and exploring possibilities of what is still asking to be exposed.

At present, the exploration of texture, narration, color and collage offers the depth of possibility beyond measure and I intend on producing and maintaining the vitality of the art as long as I am granted this life.