'Love your work and it will love you back '

My journey as a devoted, self marketed painter began in 1990 after receiving my B.F.A from Parsons School of Design in New York City. I majored in illustration though I am primarily a fine Artist.

As an artist I enjoy working without preconceived visions or plans. When in front of a blank page or canvas I begin with my eyes closed and let the first initial strokes of color and line happen. My approach is to get out of the way and give space to the story that is coming through. I allow the piece to move in several directions before I commit to shaping the image. Once I  recognize what is going on then can I get to work and make the art. Ultimately, It is a process of  painting by which the work finds itself and my role as artist is to remain fluid, open, clear and focused.

When I work on textured paper the process is similar and is about carving out the image. The image is in the texture of the paper and once I can see what is below the surface then the shapes come into view as the texture is carved away.

I enjoy telling stories that capture moments in time past and present that are human and shared. My paintings talk about connection to place, nature, land, and one other. Including love, music, touch and the layers that we can not see. I  am intrigued by story telling and It is a privilege to connect through  stories that then are interpreted in various, endless different ways. Whatever is being expressed is not mine to dictate nor do I possess the outcome. Every step of the process is dynamic.

It is humbling to be the artist. I am primarily a willing conduit for the images to be brought to fruition as I paint , sketch and paste. My approach includes; Being playful, allowing for change, maintaining focus, remaining fully present and respecting the work. 

When describing my life as an artist I use words such as :  passion, intrigue, play, feeling and heart. These terms are vital to the creative process in which I live, learn and work.

Since 2011 much of my painting time has been spent building a yoga studio that I co-own and teach at. Art and yoga are quite connected and both are a profound love in my life. I appreciate that in both disciplines I am asked to let go of the judgmental analytical thinking and awaken to the felt experience of being. As my feet are on the ground and my mind is open I am asked to trust and get out of my own way. That is where I begin.